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我喜歡作陶,在於它有一種直率的特質。 它來自土地,有其自足的宇宙,無限寬廣而沈靜,可以從中知覺自己的存在。 三十幾年來,我在作陶的生活中成長,顛簸、再生,一次一次體會到創作的神奇力量。


作品以實用器皿為主,除了汲取台灣傳統陶藝的養分,景仰宋瓷、韓國李朝瓷器之外,也心儀英國、日本現代陶藝史上的幾位大家(如 Lucie Rie 、Bernard Leach、濱田庄司等),對他們簡潔、洗鍊的風格多所揣摩。

因天性愛好自然,復喜愛烹飪,由此涵詠、融會,演繹出個人的風格。1994年赴紐西蘭一年,習染西方陶藝文化,曾向捷克裔陶藝家 Mirek Smisek 請益。亦曾多次赴日本取經,並踏足歐洲、非洲南部,凡此經歷均成為創作滋養。



Nicole Wang ( Wang Mei - yun ) has thrown herself whole-heartedly into the field of ceramic-making for more than 30 years, starting right after her graduation from Tunghai University. At her earliest, Nicole studied with much venerated ceramic artist Lin Bao-jia ( 林葆家 ). Later she participated in Li Liang- yi’s ( 李亮一 ) studio at Tianmu to learn ceramic art from Li and to be his teaching assistant, at the same time taking part in the Intoxicated Clay Exhibitions ( 醉陶展 ) for many years. Thereafter, she started a studio of her own, concentrating on making and teaching ceramics.


Nicole is mainly interested in making vessels of practical use, favoring a simple and refined style which she has developed from many sources. She has been inspired in particular by traditional Taiwanese ceramics, porcelains of the Song Dynasty and the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, as well as masters of modern Britain and Japan such as Lucie Rie, Bernard Leach and Hamada Shoji.


Nicole loves nature and cooking; she believes these are the two things that play paramount roles in shaping her ceramic style. In1994, Nicole visited New Zealand for a year to study western ceramics. While she was staying there, she had close contact with Czech ceramic artist Mirek Smíšek. She also traveled widely in Japan , Europe and South Africa to enhance her knowledge of ceramic art.

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